One Track Mind

I have a one-track mind.

And I tend to operate in phases. For example, after I failed a module in my second year of University, I morph into the super student phase. I read up on my lectures ahead of time. I would tackle assignments the moment they were given, regardless of whether they were due next week or next month. It got to the point that I started assignments on topics which had not been taught. During this time, everything else was put on a back burner.

When I was in my weight loss phase, I read up everything on the internet I could find on the most efficient way to lose weight. I was exercising at least 1 hour everyday, sometimes, up to 3 or 4 hours per day on weekends. I cut my carbs down next to nothing. I did lose 20 kg in that year, but did pretty much nothing else. Bored all of my friends and family talking about my “training”. My sister refused to go out for dinner with me, because I made a fuss about not eating carbs.

What am I getting at? I am now in my Ultra Finance phase. I am obsessed with money, saving it, investing it, and early retirement at 40 years old. Generally being a total scrooge, so my sister tells me (That was the day when I made her pay back the $3 I spent on her lunch). So this blog is probably going to read like a really scroogy PF blog for some time, maybe for a long time. 40 years old is some years away yet.

After that, hopefully I will be retired. Or as good as. Maybe I will have a knitting phase, or a gardening phase. Or a couch potato phase. I really don’t know.

Isn’t life exciting?


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