Being a Credit Counsellor?

There was an special about private money lenders in the Sunday Times, and Credit Counselling Singapore was mentioned a few times. I got rather curious and googled a bit to see if they are hiring and what positions are available. Turns out there is a vacancy for a case officer.

It sounds really interesting and fits exactly what I have been thinking of for the last few months. My nearest and dearest know that I am looking for an out from the engineering field ultimately. I want to do something relating to social work or non profit organisations, but not anything to do with the elderly, young or sick. I would like to contribute, but in a more intellectual way rather than physical or emphathetic way. I’m just not one of your ministering type, I’m afraid.

Anyway, I look through the requirements and I fit most of the criteria, except maybe for the part about not being judgemental. That’s quite a tall order for an ISTJ personality type. I also don’t really believe that it is possible for anyone not to judge if someone comes up to you and tell you that they need assistance with credit institutes but will not give up the Lexus. However, I believe I can do a credible job not to let it show, and also not to let this judging affect how I deal with the case.

Anyway, it is still way too early for me to make this move. I need to continue at least another 5 years in my current field to build up my savings and investments before making the big change. Going into social work is more of a down-shifting/semi retirement plan, and I want to make sure that I am financially secure. But I am glad that there is something out there that I wouldn’t mind doing for free….


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