Long Weekend

Sis is in Shenzhen and Hong Kong for this first two weeks of August. I had planned to join her for the Hong Kong leg, but my boss did not approve my leave application, so, no dim sum and cheap summer sales for me.

But I did take this coming Monday off at least, so it is going to be nice, long FOUR day weekend. Mmmmm, the richness of that……

Saturday and Sunday morning is going to be room cleaning day. I schedule about three to four major room cleanings per year. And when I say major, I mean major. I am going to clean and wipe out every nook and cranny. Every single book I own is going get a wipe down, and with close to 1,700 books, that’s no ten minute job. Going to purge some stuff, reorganize the rest. 

Sunday afternoon, I need to finish wrapping the remaining books in plastic cover. I notice that my covered books are doing better endurance wise than the non-covered ones, for obvious reasons. I adore my books and want to keep them a long, long time. I have been at this project since January (I said I had a one track mind, didn’t I?) and have spent a $150 collectively on plastic wrapping. $150!!! This Sunday should mark the last of it. Hurray!

Monday morning will either be spent on a haircut or a facial, both which I have been putting off for a while. Or maybe both. Then maybe catch a movie in the afternoon. I have free GV tickets that are due to expire in September, so I should really make use of them.

I have no plans for Tuesday yet, but I expect to just generally laze around and do nothing much; read, surf the internet, watch some TV. Maybe the new PC game I ordered will have arrived and I can spend all of Tuesday on it.

And best of all? No Sunday-Monday blues this week!


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