All Cleaned Up

The four day weekend is no more. The big boss decided to call for a project meeting Monday morning at 8.30 am. I hate it when plans go awry like that, but you don’t tell the big boss to wait at your convenience so what the big boss wants, the big boss gets, I guess.

I reckon, however, that the meeting isn’t going to last more than an hour or so, as the big boss is a really busy man, so I put in another application for half day leave on Monday. That should give me time for a haircut, at least.

Unfortunately, I will have some work to work on at home due to a looming dateline on Wednesday. I can’t really blame anyone since I could have finished the work early but just procrastinated a lot. Seems like a waste of a half day leave, but truth be told, I am more efficient at home than at work, most probably because there are incentives to finish earlier at home. I get to play for the remaining time!

Anyway, I cleaned my room on Saturday and wrapped those darned books according to plan, and now my body is a mess of aches. Clearly shows how unfit I have become. *sigh*

I didn’t purge many things this clean-up, perhaps due to the fact that I have been doing it pretty diligently the last few clean ups, and there are just so many things I don’t need. And I haven’t been buying at all, except some paperbacks here and there. Speaking of which, another visit to The Book Depository is due. Perhaps after this post.

Hours of Entertainment

Back to purging, I did finally give up some good old Maxis game CDs that I no longer play, circa 1995. These were my favourite games back a decade and a half ago, and I would have kept them if my PC could run them. I still think no one designs games like Maxis (then, not now) and I still keep and occasionally read the Maxis game manuals from back then, just for laughs. No one says game manuals should be just a list of dos and don’ts. A little humour is well appreciated, and the Maxis manuals were the cream of the crop in that respect.

What do you do with bags that don’t die? I like items that last as well as anybody, but when it comes to fashion, sometimes, a little less longevity is better appreciated.

I bought this back in 2004 inTokyowhile visiting Sis, who was doing her Masters there. This served as my main bag for about a year until the bag handles showed obvious wear and tear, and was retired. I still bring out now and then for shopping. It is still structurally sound, just a little faded and the handles don’t look quite presentable for formal situations. I hardly go out these days, and this bag has been languishing in the cupboard forever. I want to let it go, but it is still in a reasonably good shape, that it feels wasteful to do so.

"Tokyo" Bag

"Corroding" Handles

 The other is this SAC Energy tote, bought in 2000 or thereabouts, when I was in University. Now this is a bag that just won’t die. There is hardly a blemish on it, and it looks almost new. My sister has got an exact same one in a different colour, in just about the same condition. I can’t use it as my day-to-day bag, even though I would love to. There is a centre divider in the bag, which makes carrying a lot of things difficult, and I need a roomy day bag. So it has been languishing as well.

The SAC Energy - Still very energetic indeed!

I can’t even give them away; no one I know will take them. So for now, they continue to languish in the closet; waiting for that rare opportunity to show their faces when I get the correct opportunity to bring them out. I guess I just have to get better at rotating the bags I own, but that is so much trouble. If you haven’t guessed, I’m lazy. 🙂

Oh, and this came in the mail on Friday night, so I’ve got something to entertain me tonight and on Tuesday. I love it when plans come together the way I want them to!

Yay! Yay! No Sleep for Tonight!


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