Changes At Work

The half day on Monday didn’t materialize after all. At 8 am sharp, we were notified that the big boss had postpone the meeting to 1.30 pm. In the end, I worked the full day, came home and got dinner, than continued to work till midnight. My hair remains in its lion mane condition. Grrrr…..

There has been a wave of resignations from my department in the last few weeks, mostly in the junior levels. My current department manager does not believe in firing people. He instead tries his best to job-match people by competence. However, this has led to a great inequity in my department with respect to the distribution of work; the Pareto principle literally applies. 20% of the people doing 80% of the department’s work.

Which is fine if the 20% gets rewarded accordingly. However, being a big company, HR has a strict set of rules and expects more or less strict hierarchical progression, so promotions are slow, even if the employee has more than fulfilled requirements for progression to the next level. Even if the 20% gets rewarded more than the other 80% who does less, the reward is seldom commensurate to the work done. Imagine doing two people’s share of work but only getting $20 more than the slackers per raise period!

Also, seniority is greatly rewarded in the company, because the job is highly experience intensive. There is a big gap between the senior and junior levels in terms of pay and benefits.

So, the junior guys are leaving in waves now that the market out there is paying well. Senior people, not so much. Myself, for example. There are few jobs out there paying to the tune of 10K a month which doesn’t expect you to jump through the hoops to earn it. I would rather stay with the devil I know, in this case.

I am losing a few close colleagues. I form very few bonds at work, due to my introvert nature, as well as the wariness of forming too close a relationship to bosses (accusations of brown-nosing) or subordinates (discipline and control issues), so losing these colleagues is a big downer for my morale. I would leave too, but am just too comfortable with the status quo to just up and disrupt my life. ISTJs hate changes, and I happen to the ISTJ of the ISTJs.

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