Fun Time August

It just struck me that we are entering the middle of August soon. This means for the next two weeks, I have to take time out to:

 1)      Call the law firm to confirm when I need to send in the final cheque for the condo purchase.

 2)      Call my agent to draw up the tenancy paperwork for leasing the condo back to the owner and get it signed ASAP.

 3)      Call HDB to inform intentions on renting out our current flat in 6 months time. Sigh…I am going to miss this place.

 4)      Get the floor plan for the new place from the agent and start planning renovations after the lease runs out in 6 months time.

 And August is going to be a busy month at work, since one of my engineers ran out on the project and I now have to shoulder part of his work.

I wish we could just rent out the new condo, but the old folks at home have their hearts set on moving. Other than the fact that we could get close to thousand bucks more in rental from the condo compared to the HDB flat, I am already dreading the process renovation and moving. We are a family of strong minded people, you see, and the law of human nature says that “thou shalt undertake renovation of a common place at your own peril”. There has already been some fireworks at the dinner table discussing some hypothetical furniture arrangement in the new place.

 Oh man, the next few months are going to be fun.


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