On Holiday Shopping

Sis is in Hong Kong this week for her vacation! And I am so envious!

She texted me yesterday morning to say that she was considering buying a $500 Vivienne Tam silk dress. Five minutes later, the deed was done. Wow! That was money flying away fast.

It sometimes amazes me the freedom that we all feel to spend while on holiday. Sis would never have bought that dress if she had come across it in her shopping endeavours here in Singapore. Last year, Mum and Dad went toTaiwan for a short spree. They took two bags and came back with four and a myriad of boxes. Their most expensive buy? An Omega watch for dad, at a hefty price tag of 10K. Mum is the type to walk miles to save on bus fares, and Dad still wears $40 pants. But they spent in Taiwan.

I confess that I succumb to the same. Last year, I made a short trip toMelbourne, and bought a Francesco Biasca bag there. It retailed at AUD 650, but was on sale at AUD 200. This was the most I have ever paid for a single bag. And I paid it. I never regretted the buy; the bag was worth the money in my opinion. But I also would never have spent that money if I had come across the same exact sale inSingapore.

I guess the holiday shopping craze is mostly attributable to a few things:

1)      That we may never have the occasion to come back to the same place, same shop again. We have to make the best of the opportunity while it is available.

2)      We don’t spend like this every day. These trips are once in a lifetime trips (mostly).

Whether the spending is justified just because of the above, is another question altogether. And something we really have to think about, I guess, because we have more stuff than the four of us need. Moving house in six months time is not going to be fun.


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