You Want Democracy, You Got It!

I have to confess I am not a fan of democracy. In my opinion, democracy means putting your trust in the judgement of large group of strangers, and betting on faith that they will make a decision for your betterment. That’s like handing out a thousand dollar randomly to strangers you meet on the streets and asking them to give you a five percent return on that. And the latter is something no one in their right minds will ever do. So I wonder why people think democracy is the bee’s knees.

Personally, I feel that a democracy gives me as little true freedom as any autocracy. For the latter, I may be at the mercy of the top linchpins, but then I am at the mercy of my fellow commoners for the former. Both systems require one to put their faith in someone anyway.

I never felt this more keenly than at the general election in May. I had just made a commitment on an expensive condo days before the voting. I was away in US on company business on voting day. I spent pretty much the whole time in meetings half distracted by the potential impact of my fellow countrymen’s decision on my fledging investment. I had to trust other people to make a correct decision for the country, and just as importantly, for me. How powerless I felt right at that point in time.

I don’t think that any system is better than one or the other, or that there is anything perfect out there. But then, I think autocracy and related systems of government has the benefit of being honest.

So anyway, as of this morning, we have a new president. Sis saw on her Facebook feed that an acquaintance had declared today Black Sunday because his fellow Singaporeans were too blind and uninformed and had vote in someone he didn’t agree with. See, boys and girls, you asked for democracy, you got it. But the democracy handbook never said that everything had to go your way. So shut up and take the consequences.


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