Preparing for Armageddon Part 2 – Emergency Backpack

Welcome back to Preparing for Armageddon Part 2! You can read Part 1 here, although it will make just as little sense to you. But do humour a lady, yes? 🙂

Everyone on the PF blogs discusses emergency preparedness yadda yadda yadda as a matter of course. So I thought I should naturally be as prepared as I can be as an good on-again-off-again-wannabe PF blogger.

Never mind that I have no idea what type of emergency situation I should realistically prepare for. If I think too much about it, the whole exercise is going to denigrate into a research paper on all the potential what-if situations with full stats on the probability of each situation. And then I would probably have thoughts of emigration. I am an ISTJ. And OCD. It happens.

So before paralysis from information overload could result, I decided emergency situations could be simplified to:

a)      When I get stuck in the house

b)      When I need to get the heck out NOW!

I decided to start on b) last weekend. Mainly because it was easier than convincing the rest of the family that we need to stock up on 2 cases of mineral water and think about emergency toilet arrangements etc etc for a). Sis was already of the opinion that I need therapy from the whole data backup fiasco

So I took out a backpack last Sunday and filled it with the following items:

 1)      Mineral water
2)      M&Ms
3)      Granola Bars
4)      Small Torchlight
5)      AAA Batteries
6)      Fully charged netbook (until I give into temptation and get an iPad J)
7)      Backup data (See Part 1 – I tell you I am obsessed)
8)      Passport
9)      $300 Cash
10)  Credit Cards (total 39K credit limit)
11)  One change of clothes
12)  Panadol, plasters and medicated oil
13)  Wet wipes

I thought I’ll start with this lot and add things when I think of them. It was pretty heavy by this time, thanks to the food and the netbook. Sis said it would be a miracle if I could escape with a load like this. She has a point, so I may split the stuff into two bags; Sis or one of the parents can carry the other when we have to run.

The food will be replaced on a 6 monthly basis, so Sis gets free M&Ms every 6 months. This is about the only part she didn’t make fun of. J

The bag is now stashed in my headboard, which has a hidden storage compartment, and I am one relieved peep. Now, I can concentrate my attention on praying that I never have to use it!


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