General Updates

I have not blogged much for the last one and half weeks, thanks to my latest “Technology Funk”. I have these funks now and then, when I just do not feel like being connected to the information highways or byways or alleys in any way. These are the periods when I used to not switch on my computer, not answer phone calls or reply non-urgent text messages, and just disappear. You’d be surprise how much noise gets deleted from your life with this exercise a few times a year. I can’t really do that these days, at least the ignoring phone calls and texts parts, but the rest of it feels as good as they used to.

The parents have decided to stay put in the HDB, and rent out the new condo for the next two years. One of the main reasons was that we are all a bit tight with cash. Half of my networth is already in the form of equity in the condo and half of the remaining in tanked stocks. Parents have just sunk 250K in hard cash in another business venture, which will not see any return until two years later (if any). Dad was expecting to spend at least 100K renovating the condo to our livable standards. I don’t expect that we would need to spend so much, really, but Dad is hard to convince.

The plan is to use these two extra years to accumulate cash and by then we would also have an inkling on the exact returns on the new business venture. I am most happy about this decision, not only because it benefits us all financially. We don’t have to move, and be subjected to all sorts of decluttering stress (we like to think everyone else’s belongings but our own are clutter). I also have another two years to evaluate whether I am able to leave my current job and downshift my lifestyle. But that is another tale to be told.

In other matters, I am trying to lose weight again. In 2007 to 2008, I lost a total of 20 kg, all of which I gained back in the years following. I know we are not supposed to blame genetics for not being able to lose weight, but being genetically inclined to weight gain does add a level of difficulty. Anyway, I restarted my weight loss regime in September, with less fervor than the previous time though. It is hard to keep the focus on so many areas of life, financial, work, family, weight loss, personal development etc when I am one of those one-track minded individual. I’ll just do what I can do now to at least keep from gaining, I guess.

It struck me suddenly that we are already into October, and 2011 will soon come to an end. I haven’t done much this year, well, except buying the condo, and that came about so smoothly that it hadn’t felt like a major accomplishment at all. Not to mention that it feels more like a setback since the bank still owns 80% of it, and I am now 1.2 million in debt. Yeah, not a really good year in terms of significant achievements.

I guess this is one of the reasons why I did my budget for 2012 so early (although that is going to undergo some major updates with the latest decision on living arrangements). It is my own way of looking forward to 2012, of wiping the slate clear and starting anew.

And hereby I end my update (because I don’t know a good, witty way of ending this post….a continual problem, sigh).


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