Myer Briggs and My Family

After finding out about Myer Briggs-Jung personality types and how it related to me, I was a convert and eager to evangelise to anyone and everyone within hearing range about the greatness of MB.

I got Sis interested and she did the test. She found that she was an INFP, an idealist type, and the narrative provided also described her exactly. We have always known that we were pretty different in terms of personality but knowing each others MB type and the rationale behind the way we each do things have improved communication between us a lot.

My parents have not done the tests, but I suspect my Dad may also be an ISTJ as well. My mother is harder to place. Sometimes I think she could belong to the Artisan group, sometimes she feels like a Guardian.

Two ISTJs in the family means a lot of standoffs, since we can be pretty rigid. And added to the mix is the fact that one is a boomer, and the other is Gen X and you get all sorts of fire works.

The dinner table is an exciting place to be when we start to discuss politics, ideals, finance, basically anything serious. Mum and Sis standby as mediators and peace-makers, but they often complain about Dad and myself making them old before their time. But I am allegedly Dad’s favourite despite our frequent arguments, being a chip off the old block and all that.

Sis has always felt as if she didn’t fit into the family and sometimes feel as if the rest of us were somehow ganging up against her. However, knowing that INFPs frequently feel like the changeling in the family has helped her to take things less personally and understand the family dynamics better.

Anyway, Sis is another convert and has gotten many of her friends to try out the typing. Personally, I think MB is a great tool for many young adults out there who have problems identifying their direction in life. If nothing, it is a start in understanding oneself and identifying what would make one happy.


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