Asshole People – The Case of the Disappearing Plants

Mum came home from work somewhat upset today.

Mum works with Dad (for Dad being more accurate) in a family-own steel fabrication workshop. A while ago, some people from a neighbouring workshop dumped a few pots of dying plants on the steps of our workshop. Stupid people couldn’t be bothered to carry them to the nearby garbage collection centre.

Mum loves plants, so she took pity on the discarded waifs and nursed them lovingly back to health. Mum’s green thumbs are rather iffy, but luck was on her side for this one. We have had quite a bit of rain for the last few days, and today, the plants bloomed in all their glory. Mum was so happy when she went in to work this morning and saw them, and had plans to bring the prettiest pot home.

In the afternoon, the plants were all gone.

Mum isn’t quite sure who appropriated them, but has suspicions that the same asshole neighbours who discarded them in the first place took them back. She kept the plants just outside the main entrance of our compound, where we park the car, because the inside is full of goods.

Since the plants didn’t belong to her in the first place, she was probably just out a bit of time and effort. In the bigger scheme of things, this probably rate more as an annoyance rather than anything catastrophic. However, she told me when she came in the door:

 “Losing something after having it sucks a lot more than never having it in the first place, even it is just a plant.”

 Asshole people.

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