Asshole People – The Not-So-Upper Class Boutique

Mum had to get some new clothes for her upcoming trip to Tokyo. Most people go on shopping sprees during theirTokyo visit, but Mum knew she was going to have problems finding anything to suit. Tokyolites are small and slender. Mum is short and not what one would call thin. So we went toCityPlaza on Sunday to find her some stuff.

We had a grand time in one of the first shops we entered and bought a whole slew of stuff, but nothing very expensive. We walked on and a dress display caught my eye, so we went into the shop to try some dresses. This shop was manned by a Chinese lady.

As we were browsing, she and Mum exchanged some mundane conversation, and all went well, until she suddenly commented, “That’s cheap stuff you got there.”

Mum was somewhat taken aback and thought she heard wrongly. People weren’t normally this rude, especially not to potential customers. The lady repeated, “That plastic bag you are carrying; I know that shop. They have cheap stuff. Our clothes are better and more expensive, so I was worried our clothes may not fit your budget.”

Excuse me? Is this woman for real?

Mum and I, well, we weren’t exactly dressed to the nines. You don’t wear a cocktail dress to City Plaza to do your shopping, for goodness sakes. But neither did we look like bag ladies. And what is more, this is SINGAPORE. Where millionaires next door roams. When it comes to dressing, Singaporeans are the epitome of casual, no matter if one is worth thousands or millions. Dressing is the last thing to use if you want to judge a Singaporean’s worth.

While we could see that her stuff is nicer and of better quality than the other shop we patronized, it wasn’t exactly Prada either. The shop was empty when we walked in, so it wasn’t as if we were taking her time away from paying customers. So what was with the snotty attitude?

Anyway, Mum smiled and told her we don’t look at prices when we shop. If something is nice, we buy it. And then we hightailed it out of there.

Ultimately it was her loss. We were prepared to give her some sales until she said what she said. But the whole experience left a sour taste in our mouth and spoilt the rest of our shopping trip. We went home soon after that.

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