Property Investment – A Confidence Investment In A Country

There is an awesome quote from Mr. C which has never left my mind.

 “Buying property is never just about the property. You are essentially investing in a piece of confidence in the country’s future.”

I confessed to my mother recently that I get a bit stressed out when I think about the condo, mainly because I am not so sure of the direction my fellow Singaporeans will take the country in the next few years.

For me, this is the dark side of democracy; it is no fun when I have no faith in my fellow countrymen.

I studiously avoid Singaporean websites and forums, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts etc because I am not sure I can take the negativity and the lack of critical thinking that is present. I only read the hard copy version of the papers because it upsets me to read the mostly ignorant comments on the internet versions.

All the government-bashing on-going without balanced views and approaching the issue from all angles disturb me. And I am very much concerned that the negativity comes mainly from my generation and younger, people who have not had to experience the real suffering. Is it entitlement? Do we want entitlement to lead the day?

Our country is tiny and devoid of natural resources. We rely mainly on foreign investments, which are extremely fluid and devoid of feelings. They go where they get the greatest returns. How will our decisions at the poll affect them? What will they do? What can they do? What will we do if they beat a hasty retreat? Singaporeans have to continuously keep all these in mind when making decisions.

No system is perfect; there will always be improvements needed. The question is whether there needs to be a complete tearing down of the system in order to implement these improvements. Some people obviously think so.

It takes but one moment of heedlessness to destroy years of progress, and the climb back is just years wasted and suffering that is unnecessary. Some countries never manage to make the climb out of the shambles.

I am not saying everyone has to agree with me, but is it too much to ask for more thought before action?

Back to the condo. I was kind of relieved when we decided not to move to the condo for the next two years. I think I am going to ask the parents to consider extending that to the next four years, until the next election. I may very well want to ditch the condo and keep my investments as liquid as possible.

It would be nice if I could keep my piece of confidence inSingapore, but alas, I am too pragmatic for true democracy. My patriotism would have to be demonstrated in other ways.


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