Decisions, Decisions

My bosses have made me a proposal to reduce my responsibilities and eventually transfer me to the department of my choice, after about 6 months of phasing out. I have until this weekend to consider and accept.

While I am sure I will be able to get a job anytime outside, it is a sure bet that I will not be compensated at the same rate as I am here, especially since I do not intend to get jobs at the same level of seniority if I leave. Effectively, the bosses have offered me a sort of pay raise – reduction of responsibilities with no reduction in salary and benefits.

Furthermore, they have made the proposal in such a way that negative public perceptions of this shift in responsibilities will be minimized. In a sense, they are probably doing themselves a favour as well, I guess. The last thing they want is everyone coming to them for the special treatment.

I have also been having health issues for a while. Serious gastric pain and nausea, heart palpitations and dizziness, tiredness. I have been missing work to the tune of at least three days per week for the last half a year at least. Medical tests reflect that everything is normal, and I am led to believe that these symptoms are stress induced. Especially since I mostly only get these symptoms when I have to go to work. Weekends are usually symptoms free.

I have not been able to manage my current project well thanks to the absences, which is the main reason I have used in my resignation. Frankly, I am surprised to last as long as I did. Any other company would have booted me out by now.

However, my bosses think that I can still contribute substantially in a reduced capacity.  I do have ten solid years of experience in this industry and this particular company, which is getting harder to come by in an era of job-hoppers. My bosses also value my combination of technical and soft skills, which too few of my peers possess enough for me to be considered a valuable commodity.

The new proposal would be able to accommodate my continued frequent absences, but it is hoped that the reduced responsibilities will help to provide a cure if my symptoms are indeed stress related.

It also does not hurt my position that the company has had trouble recruiting even young, inexperienced engineers, much less someone of with my experience and skill set. There is global manpower shortage in this field, and competition for the best people is pretty stiff. I will admit to having this at the back of my mind as an unspoken bargaining chip in my favour when I submitted my resignation.

There is a bit of internal conflict. I feel kind of guilty for the special consideration, and don’t think I really deserve it. This guilt is pushing me to go ahead with the resignation. The other part of me thinks that I am justified in taking advantage of the company manpower situation to get what I want.

I think I will ultimately accept the proposal, but I have until Friday to weigh the pros and cons and I need to seriously think about it before committing. The last thing I want is to accept the offer and hand in another resignation six months down the road.


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