Financial Ramblings

Half a month into January of 2012, and I am still tweaking the 2012 budget. I keep discovering heretofore missing line items, despite having two years worth of detailed spending records as my baseline. Of course, I never had a rental property to consider before either.

Anyway, I have just about given up trying to zerorised 2012’s budget. It just is not possible when the rental will be empty a couple of months for the renovations, and I have agent fees to take into account. It will all work out in the end once I factor in the various bonuses forthcoming, but I am just OCD enough to want it all to work out without considering all the other variable income.

I also briefly considered overtime, but the rates are so miserable that I am simply not desperate enough to trade my free time for it. I need to work 42 additional hours a month in exchange for $500 extra (before CPF deductions). Also, all 42 need to be weekend hours and that totally sucks.

In other news, my mortgage rate is up a couple of points, which means an additional $150 to the monthly payments here out, but the overall rate is still low enough that it is not worth it to consider refinancing to a fixed rate, so I’ll just have to eat the increase. Sigh.

I am also still dithering on picking up more SPH and SIA stocks. Maybe after Chinese New Year.

All in all, it doesn’t seem like a very optimistic start to 2012 financials. Things are so finely balanced that I feel like I am walking a tightrope. It is a scary yet oddly exhilarating feeling.

By the way, I had my last session with the therapist last week since I was feeling better, and my HR director seemed to be gently hinting that the company tab is full. Despite my initial skepticism, I have to admit it felt really good to have someone who understands to talk to. I briefly toyed with continuing the sessions on my own, but at longer intervals, but found out that the therapist costs $200 an hour. So I quickly discarded the notion. I simply don’t have the wiggle room in my budget for this. And I also wonder how those people who really need such services can afford it on a regular basis?


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