Happy Chinese New Year!

It is Friday!

Not only that, tonight marks the start of four day long weekend for Chinese New Year. The feasting that is to come is not what interests me though. It is the fact that I can finally get to pay off my sleep debt. I am so tired.

For the past thirty odd years, we have always spent Chinese New Year in Malaysia at my maternal grandmother’s place, with exception of a couple of years when my parents took off on holiday to Taiwan instead. We have no extended family in Singapore, so it was either Malaysia with my maternal relatives or some rural Chinese countryside with my paternal relatives. Malaysia happens to be more logistically doable.

My maternal grandmother and eldest uncle passed away last year, and they happened to be the glue that held my mother’s family together for all these years. Due to various situations in the family, my mother decided not to participate in further Chinese New Year celebrations in Malaysia, so this marks the first year we are celebrating the festival in Singapore. I have no complaints. Navigating the border customs during Chinese New Year is not my idea of fun. Dad is also relieved. He won’t have to undertake the long drive to our grandmother’s place anymore.

We chose not to stock up on too many New Year goodies this year as we always have problem finishing them. Despite that, we still managed to amass quite a collection. Nte that we already started in on several of them.

The fridges (yes, we have two) are full to the brim with ingredients for the reunion dinner meal. Mum always tries to prepare ten courses, large and small, in order to achieve her 十全十美 (perfect ten). There are only four of us, so we get to subsist on leftovers for like, the next one week or so. Not that I am complaining, mind you. Mum’s cooking, even as leftovers, is not something to complain about.

I am looking forward to this Chinese New Year, especially after my brush with the funk (I would not exactly call it a depression). I am all cleaned up, both at home and at work, as well as both physically and mentally. I haven’t felt this way for a while. I feel ready for the new start. So here is to wishing all a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. May you live in interesting times! (Hahaha….)


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