Personal Predictions for 2012

I have been struggling with a bout of flu since CNY Eve. Despite my sore throat, I still ate too much of the good but heaty stuff during the dinner. As a result, I ended up having to forfeit all the other goodies for the rest of CNY, taking massive amounts of time off, and still dealing with the lingering effects of mild bronchitis even now. I usually spend my time catching up on sleep during past CNY holidays anyway, but there is a big difference between peaceful naps and being in stupor interrupted by hacking coughs. I do not relish the latter.

It also appears that I may have to get used to being sick for 2012 if our geomancer is to be believed. We normally get our “Eight Characters” read by our family geomancer during each CNY to see how the coming year will work out for us, and if there is anything that we need to pay special attention to. Superstitious? Maybe. But our geomancer have been particularly accurate in the past, and it doesn’t hurt anyone to just pay a little attention and at least prepare ourselves mentally so we don’t go to pieces at the first sign of trouble.

Anyway, 2012 doesn’t look to be a good year for me. There will be a lot of health problems, and the possibility of an old illness flaring in the third quarter of the year. This had everyone’s attention, because I had an ovary removed end of 2009 due to a borderline tumour, and my oncologist said that there was a 10% to 15% chance of such tumours recurring. If it happens again, I would probably be facing a full hysterectomy, which is not fun. I don’t care so much about infertility since I don’t want children anyway, but going into menopause in my early thirties is not funny. My mum is already planning an attack of Chinese herbal supplements, and I am so dreading it, but I guess menopause will be worse, so I just have to suck it up.

There are going to be lots of problems work-wise as well this year (what’s new?). My stress levels immediately rose upon hearing that. Work issues, more than anything else, is going to have the ability to push me back into a funk and maybe actual depression this time. Anyway, I do know that a lot of higher ups (too many, in fact) have been talking to each other about my place in the company, so I know a move should come within the next few months, contingent on my health situation. I am crossing my fingers, and hoping the “lots of problems” will actually be nothing more than logistical issues related to the move. If I can at least go back to work under Mr C, any other problems should be surmountable. I hope.

There is a mention of money problems in the first quarter of the year, and I am guessing that this relates to the money I will be spending on the condo renovation. I am a little worried about the tightness of my budget this year and the potential for increased losses if I don’t secure a tenant for the condo in time. However, I have ample reserves (about 60K in cash and another 40K in the stock market) so I will just hope for the best while I go about normal business. I was also asked not to participate in any investments this year, which I will follow since the stock market have rallied and prices are rising. If there is another dip, however, all bets are off.

So, there you are, my personal predictions for 2012 in summary. How does your 2012 look?


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