A Glitch In My Insurance Payment

A few months back, while going through my main bank account statement, I noticed that a certain automatic monthly deduction was missing from my statement. This was for one of my medical insurance policies with Aviva. It was for a very small sum of about $6 a month, and so would be easily overlooked. I only noticed because I made a point of checking each statement with my own tracking spreadsheet. I had received no notification from Aviva about any payment issues.

I monitored it for a few months to confirm it was not a onetime glitch, then wrote to Aviva for clarification. Thank goodness that customer service was very good and did not make me jump through hoops.  I received the final reply a couple of days back and it turns out that there was a glitch somewhere and they have not been able to make any deductions through my bank account.

I am mostly concerned that no one in Aviva realized this until I wrote in. My policy could have lapsed and cause me all sorts of problems if I needed to make a claim in future (touch wood). In such a situation, whose responsibility would it have been to ensure that timely payment is made?

Anyway, things have been sorted out and I am now up to date on my policy. I will of course continue to keep a vigilant eye on things. There is also another positive – For the first time since I started scrutinizing my finances, I have finally found justification for the OCD way I do it. At least I don’t have to question myself anymore if it is worth my time going through my financial records with a find tooth comb.


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