PC Woes

The Spoilt Netbook

I am getting computer problems galore at home. It is thanks to work and my recent tablet purchase, that I am not completely driven crazy with frustration.

First, the desk top got wiped out. For some reason, the OS got corrupted and I cannot find my backup disk.  To get it going again, I’ve got to buy and install a new Windows OS, and this is one time when too many choices more of a frustration then help. Should I go back to my original Windows XP or install the new Windows 7? Did some quick research on the Internet and original Windows XP doesn’t seem to be available in my neck of the woods. Windows 7 cost $$$ and I am not sure my computer specifications can handle it.

Besides, I am not even sure that all the other hardware is in good enough condition to warrant the investment in the new OS. In order to get some light shed on that, I need to pay $$$ to the repair shop to look at it (because there are no IT savvy people in my vicinity, unfortunately). Which means I have got to lug the mega big CPU to the shop in the first place.

I am so leaning towards just getting a pirated copy of the Internet….

Then the netbook which I have been using in the meantime starts to act up. It started having this problem whereby it appears like the Ctrl key is stuck. I’ve cleaned the keyboard (and went and spoilt the Shift key instead), checked out Sticky Keys (nope, not the problem), uninstalled stuff, re-installed stuff and it is still problematic. It goes away after like 30 minutes of hitting random keys, but comes back again whenever it gets woken up from a sleep. Then I need to spend another 30 minutes doing random stuff to make it work properly again.

Such a waste of time.

So I have been updating my spreadsheets, checking email, and doing whatever needs to be done at work and on my tablet and making do, and getting along surprisingly well. I am actually happy to carry on with this arrangement, if not for the fact that it pains me to see two perfectly functional machines sitting there being useless for want of a little love.  The desktop is about 3 years old and the netbook about 1.5 years, so they still should have lots of life left in them. I know the longer I leave them sitting there by their lonesomes, the higher the likelihood they are going to degenerate into pieces scrap and die a lonely death.

But I really don’t want to spend any money. Sigh.


Okay, okay, I’ll get off my ass and at least talk to the repair shop next week to have them look at the desktop to see if it is going to make sense getting a Windows 7 OS installed, or if they have any leads on any used Windows XP.

Conclusion: Technology is more trouble than it is worth.


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