The Right To $600,000 Weddings

I judge, I know I do. I try very hard not to vocalise it. But still, there are some things that are hard to keep quiet about.

Two weeks ago, there was a feature about theme weddings in the Straits Times. Expensive theme weddings.

One couple threw a wedding bash that cost an estimated $600,000. This included stag/hen parties etc, but still, $600,000.

The couple in question consists of a lawyer (her) and a sales manager (him). The papers stated that their parents would be helping out with part of the costs.

It is not my money and not my life. If they want it and can afford it, I guess they can do what they want. Actually, even if they cannot afford it, I guess they can still do what they want.

$600,000 can pay for a 5 room flat (in a mature estate) in full, or two super luxury cars, or raising two children to adult hood, or a comfortable retirement for two for 10 years (at least).

As long as they never, ever make any noise about not being able to afford:

1) To buy a place in Singapore,
2) To afford to drive in Singapore,
3) Raising children in Singapore,
4) Retirement in Singapore,

Yeah, then they can do whatever they want.


2 comments on “The Right To $600,000 Weddings

  1. Revanche says:

    Hm, yes, I would really have trouble not quirking an eyebrow at a wedding of that cost. That is a LOT of money, no matter how you look at it and unless you have everything else in the world that you need already … well. Yes.

  2. […] this point in time though, this couple keeps popping into my mind. I could so use that moolah right now….. Share […]

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