Networth – 1st Quarter 2012

Despite the dismal predictions for 2012 , the networth values for the first quarter looks very encouraging. 


2011 Final




Total Net Worth





 Most of the increase came from bonuses and share options. This year I received 4 months worth of variable bonus. This is actually the low end company-wide (some hardworking colleagues are getting 8 months), but I am not upset or bitter, nor do I blame anyone. I take full responsibility for all my shenanigans of the past year, even if some of it were out of my control. Share options were not affected, and company share price is at a cyclical high, so I get to reap the benefits.

 Markets are also trending up, so my portfolio looks better. I did lock in a couple of losses last month when I unloaded an unstable stock, but the losses were small. However, this stock gave me the best dividends (~10%) among all the members of my small portfolio, so there is a bit of disappointment on my part.

 Meg at World of Wealth shared about her crazy networth growth , and commented on the amazing fact that a large part of the growth was happening automatically. I confess to the coming to the same wonderful conclusion when I realise that my renters had been paying for my mortgage reduction for the past few months. If it all goes according to schedule, I can expect a $20,000 increase in networth per year just from renting out the property. I know the risks and pitfalls of investing in real estate and landlording, but I still have to say it is my most preferred method for growing wealth.

April and May are going to be iffy, because the condo is now empty and my agent has not gotten any bites. So I am potentially looking at 0 rental income months. I am very glad that I have the buffer from the bonuses etc, but I am really hoping for good news soon.


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