The Real Life Answer to “What Do You Make?”

There are some on the blogosphere who have been asking why there aren’t more people in the real world sharing their income details openly, or at least to people who ask.

My take? Because those who ask make it obvious that they are interested in more than just the numbers.

Question: What do you make?

Answer A: $10,000 a year.

Why aren’t you working 80 hours a week? Why aren’t you working at a second job? Why are you driving a new car? What, a new couch? NO! How dare you own a cell phone? You are not allowed to go on vacation! You need to eat rice and beans for the rest of life! Poor people are suckers! You are a loser!

Answer B: $100,000 a year.

You should pay higher taxes! Why aren’t you donating more to charity? Why aren’t you paying for my meal? I don’t know you, but you should pay for my (insert whatever), just because. You should happily pay $10 for this doodad, even though the sign says $5, just because! Why are you so cheap? You can afford it! Rich people are assholes! You are evil!

On the internet, all you have to do is to turn off the browser and you can get away from it all. Few people will have the courage to subject themselves to the potential hounding in real life.

So, no. It is not just about the numbers.


3 comments on “The Real Life Answer to “What Do You Make?”

  1. I think you are spot on! So much judgement on the internet. I don’t think one should ever tell what they make fully. Here’s my story about losing a a friend:

    BTW, thx for your insights on Singapore. Any interest in writing a guest post on the Singapore lifestyle, the stereotypes, the awesome taxation rates, healthcare, a foreigner’s ability to retire there, the culture, etc? Singapore has always been on my short list of places to live! I lived in KL for years and loved i.


  2. I’m sharing my finanical details as I build them, but I’m scared if I reach my goal I’ll have some of those questions hurled at me… I may have to rethink my strategy by then…

    • Miss JJ says:

      I feel that the questions are always there no matter what your financial details are. The difference is only who is doing the questioning.

      I am comfortable sharing my details on the blog, but that is only because I blog anonymously and have not allowed anyone in real life to know.

      Anyway, good luck in building your empire!

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