Good News All Round

These two weeks have been busy and somewhat stressful, but also full of good news.

I just completed a major submission for work today, which is a major load of my shoulders. This submission was also part of the “proof” to show management that I am getting back on track, so I am gladder than ever that it is now completed.

Work in general is going on fine. I no longer wake up in the morning dreading coming in to the office. I haven’t gone as far as actually looking forward to getting to work, but at least, when I am here, I am not clocking watching. Time flies and I am happy, challenged in a good way and generally enjoying myself. Working OT is no longer a chore. I love my current bosses and the feeling is mutual. Life is pretty good at work.

The condo renovation has been giving me any amount of stress. Nothing is worse when the contractor does a bad job, and you cannot yell and make a fuss because ze is a friend of your parents. I have been suppressing and suppressing my anger, and subjecting my parents to mad rants. Thank god my parents have seen the quality of work done on my condo for themselves, and have pitched into the contractor with a vengeance.

At any rate, it is all done, and we spent the Easter holidays just cleaning. I was going to hire a cleaner, but my mum wants to save me a few hundred bucks, so we made it a family affair. The results were well worth the effort and we received further reward this week. Thanks to the hard work and golden tongue of my rental agent, I got a tenant who is willing to pay an extra $1300 a year over our asking price, provided we furnish the place.

The lease is fixed for two years, which means an extra $30K income for the duration of the lease. Thanks to Mr C, who has recommended a source of extremely cheap, quality furniture and electronics, I think I should be able to furnish the place for about $8-10K. After accounting for renovation costs and setting aside income tax provisions for the two years and agent fees (she deserved every cent), I should just about break even. Which makes me very, very happy since a few things were supposed to be out of pocket.

I am feeling blessed.


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