Random Thoughts 23-06-2012

Some random thoughts that have been occupying space in my head for a while:

1)      There is understanding that learning abilities decreases with age from statistics and studies, and there is the understanding that comes from repeating the same simple instruction 14 times to a 60 year old and her still not getting it. As much as I want to be empathetic and patient (because I will also be old one day etc etc).……just spare me the latter understanding for now.

 2)      Being able to go back into the past to live life again and correct regrets only works if I retain my currently gained wisdom. But then who is to say that I won’t create more regrets for the 40 y/o, 50 y/o or 60 y/o me in the process? Regretting my youth experiences is like regretting a stranger’s life on his/her behalf, because I have changed so much in each decade of my life that my youth feels like more like a familiar stranger rather than part of my life.

 3)      I am sure the words say “Human Resource”, but every so often I wonder if they forgot the first word when they came to work.

 4)      Product before profit. PRODUCT before profit. PRODUCT, PRODUCT, PRODUCT before profit. If you didn’t know before, I am an ENGINEER. Product BEFORE profit. Okay, okay. FUNCTIONAL product before profit. Do I make myself clear enough?

 5)      I don’t understand the people who occupy the aisle seat in the bus with an empty seat between them and the window. Especially when they have no intention of alighting anytime soon. And especially when they do not even bother to stand up to allow the other party into the inner seat. Do they really like having other people’s butts rubbed in their face so much?

Strange how the act of putting down thoughts on paper clears the churning mess inside the head…..


2 comments on “Random Thoughts 23-06-2012

  1. eemusings says:

    I greatly dislike those people who choose to sit next to you when there are other fully empty seat duos on the bus. Flagrant violation of the unspoken rules.

    Fortunately, I walk to work now.

    • Miss JJ says:

      Oh yes, that too, but I don’t hate it as much as having to climb over the other person to get to my seat for no good reason. And apparently I am not the only one, so it is common to see a filled to the brim bus with little standing space left but empty inner seats! Such a waste!

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