Updates – August 2012

So, it is the end of the month again. End of August! Where does time fly?

PF wise: –

I am contributing and saving whatever I need to contribute or save. Net worth increased about $2,000 this month, but that is only 0.38%….so is that good or bad?

I am still overspending on some stuff that I don’t really want to overspend on (cabs and snacks), but the overage can be absorbed into my normal cash flow. Is that good or bad?

My investments are chugging along but I missed the rally in the stock markets because I put my belief in my geomancer (he told me I should not make any new investments this year due to it being a bad luck year). Is that good or bad?

 Early retirement at 45 appears to be still on the books, though the conditions surrounding them may not be what I envisioned. Is that good or bad?

Also, there is a conflict between my early retirement plans and my guilt at the thought of abandoning my company and my social responsibility so early in my potential career….but that needs to be addressed in another post.

Generally speaking, I think my personal finances is suffering from a lack of short term goals. I feel like I am just drifting along, and not really actively managing things. However, when I stop to think about it, I had originally intended for things to be set up in such a way that I don’t really have to perform active management to keep my net worth increasing. In a way, I have achieved this, so I can’t really complain about it, can I?

Also, there is a basic incompatibility between short term goals and my personality. I can easily too obsessive and over the top about short term goals. That leaves me exhausted and burnt out at the end, so I have been taking things lightly. Then I see all these 20-something PF bloggers with their weekly goals, bucket lists, 30 before 30 lists etc etc, and I feel greatly inadequate. It also makes me wonder if I have simply been rationalizing myself out of setting goals due to laziness? So….conflict, conflict, conflict…..


In other news, I got a call last week from an MNC asking if I was interested in project manager position with them. I do know that my skill sets and experience are in reasonably in demand in my field but this is first time I have been head hunted. It felt really great, but I kind of fumbled in my response because I so wasn’t expecting it.

I am not interested in the position, both due to financial and work scope reasons. Besides, now that I have been internally transferred, I work for two great bosses that I would be crazy to give up. I would remain in my current position even if I had to take a pay cut, just to continue working with the duo.

It did occur to me though, that I might just to do the interview for fun. It has been a decade since I have been on the other side of the interview table, and my interview skills are probably horribly rusty. I was also kind of curious regarding the kind of remuneration package that is being offered these days.

I agreed to send in my resume so that an interview can be arranged. However, I am starting to think that it would not be a good idea to interview with the company despite my original intentions, because

1)      I don’t want to waste both my and the company’s time when I have no intention of taking the offer

2)      Our companies have business relations, and while I don’t think my bosses will mind the fact that I am interviewing somewhere else, I don’t see the need to take the risk.

 So now, I am kind of stuck and having to call the company to explain the situation and retract my agreement to meet them. While I don’t think I will be burning any bridges (this will at most generate a few small flames), I hate to come across as a flaky ditz. Sigh…..this is such a typical AAM scenario.


I will be travelling to Hamburg on business next week, and for once, I am totally looking forward to the 14 hr flight time. Like, totally. No, I am not crazy. I just need sleep.

 I have been told that Hamburg is freaking expensive food-wise, and to bring cup noodles and my own snack if I want to preserve my per diem. I don’t mind spending on nice local meals that warrant the pricing, but I’ll be d*mned if I will part with 20 Euro for a continental breakfast that I could get anywhere. So cup noodles it is.

 We also received notification that Lufthansa cabin crew just announced strikes, so we are all glad that we are all flying SQ. This is also one of the main reasons why I avoid flying European airlines for my own private trips – they are just so unreliable. I also avoid American airlines after one disastrous trip on Northwest. And besides, I totally hate the service I get on American airlines – the crew acts like they are doing you a favour serving you despite us paying thousands of dollars for the privilege; they chat with all the Caucasian passengers while ignoring us Asians as if we were stowaways; and they can be loud and obnoxious. Give me the gentle and soft spoken Asian air stewardesses anytime.


One comment on “Updates – August 2012

  1. Revanche says:

    FWIW, American and United have pretty bad service on domestic flights in the States too 😛

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