I Bought…

Ahem, so while in Hamburg, I did something I never, ever thought I will do in this lifetime.

Just goes to show, never say never.

Alright, alright…I…ahem, well…went and bought…a Prada bag. At full price.

Cha-ching! Thank you very much! That was EU 1290, cash or credit?

Oh, the mental contortions I went through!

Firstly, I have to say that I have been secretly thinking about super-branded bags for a while. It never got any further than thinking though, even if I always asked myself “Why not? I can afford it!” But actually forking out the equivalent of a month’s mortgage payment on a bag was something else; and as long as these high end brands still maintain shops in Singapore, I could always put it off to a more financially optimal time.  So I did.

While in Hamburg, my colleague was on a mission to buy a branded bag for his wife, since they were much cheaper in Hamburg compared to Singapore. Having nothing better to do, I accompanied him to the various shops. I found much to admire but didn’t think about buying one for myself until my colleague started talking prices at the Prada shop.

Curious, I asked him how much of a difference in prices there were between Hamburg and Singapore, and was told that the Hamburg shops were selling the bags for about 50-60% of the Singapore prices, after tax refunds. That was some serious discount!

Suddenly, the bags seem so much more affordable, but I still resisted. However, the cheap(er) branded bags were all I thought about for the remaining week. It didn’t help that my other colleagues kept sharing their experiences with cheap buys in Europe and egging me on not to miss the chance!

There is something about overseas travel (both business and personal) that always lowers my spending inhibition. The first and foremost thought is always that I may never have the chance to be in the same place again. This time, I also had the weak Euro to contend with. It all came together to convince me that this was the chance of a lifetime.

Sigh…yes, I am so impressionable.

Anyway, I held out for close to a week, and then, just one hour before we departed for the airport for the flight back home, I gave in and got my Prada. Then, on the entire flight back to Singapore, I continually wavered between a weird elation (like I’d done something really great) and regret.

Anyway, the dust’s settled, and I am at peace with my buy. Well, mostly at least. There is still a weird twinge of feeling that I cannot really identify every time I open the wardrobe door and smell the new leather smell that has pervaded the entire cupboard. Is it happiness, excitement, regret?

Or maybe I am just allergic to leather. 🙂


3 comments on “I Bought…

  1. Revanche says:

    Oh, I like it! It’s such a nice shape, and I love the “grain” and smoothness. And if you managed a good deal with a weak Euro (huh, what’s that like? asks the weaker dollar) what with being in good financial condition, then like I always say, enjoy what you can. It’s not as if you’re running all over the place tossing your money in the air and burning it.

    Well if you were, that’d be an interesting spectacle and I would probably judge as I never claimed not to judge anyone but you couldn’t be surprised. 😉

    You know what I mean though. Enjoy! It’s awfully nice and I’d enjoy petting it!

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