Networth Update – Jan 2013 (I’m A Millionaire Edition)

I’m somewhat late to the party, but it is still better than never, right?

So yeah, I’ve been pretty good in January, and was under budget in every area except for transport. Even there, I am not grossly over, just one $20 ride over budget, so I’ll just eat it up and try harder next time.

Thanks to the advanced one month bonus, and upswing in the stock market, I had close to a $30K networth increase (+4.5%) just in January alone. My final networth number for January is $672,502.60. I just wish it was this easy every month.

Oh, this does not take into account any appreciation in the valuation of the investment condo.

Speaking of property appreciation, my property agent informed me last week that she had been getting offers of $2 million for my unit, and asked if I was interested in selling. While I told her no, since the seller stamp duty of 12% (on the selling price) would wipe out half my profit, I can’t deny that my heart gave a few jumps at the news.

It also occurred to me that if I did include the appreciation of the condo value in my networth calculations, my networth would have already broken through the million dollar mark a couple of months back.

Can I consider myself a millionaire then? Or maybe a paper millionaire, since I’m worth that much on paper at least.

It feels kind of weird, really, to think of myself as a millionaire. I feel like someone needs to tap me with a wand so that I can shed my brown bagging, bus taking shell in a swirl of glitter dust and morph into this Prada wearing, Mercedes driving persona who is just about to book a three week holidays to the Maldives – first class.

But since there are no fairy god mothers hanging around, I think I’ll just forget about the addition to my networth, and my maybe-millionaire status, and remain a happy brown-bagging , not-so-happy bus taking peon.

And so that concludes January. February and March should be interesting, with red packet money and bonuses coming in.


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