Net Worth Update – Mar 2013

I know I missed the Net worth update for February, but it was such a short month anyway. So here is the picture at the end of March.

Net worth for March 2013 – $722,168.83 (+$49,616.23 since Jan 2013). Exciting things that contributed in February and March:

  • Garnered a few hundred bucks in Chinese New Year Red Packet Money in February.
  • My best dividend stock also turned out to be the one with the best capital appreciation. The stock doubled in price, so I sold all 15,000 shares. I made about $6,000 of pure profit from the sales. It didn’t make sense to keep the stock in my portfolio after it appreciated, because dividend yield went from 10% to 5%, but if it ever drops back to the previous levels, I’ll definitely stock up again. On a side note, my mentor also sold off the same stock. The difference was that he had about a million shares in hand. Suddenly, a $6,000 profit feels like nothing. Pfffttt…
  • Received annual variable bonus – 4.5 months = Approx $16K. By the way, this is supposed to be a bad year. We have had 9 months bonuses before.
  • Received employee share award – 4,915 shares. Market price for shares = $4.50 per share. Total value of stock received = approx. $22K

I also transferred $25K to my stock brokerage account in February because cash was accumulating pretty fast and I was sitting on too much of it. I bought five stocks, four of them speculative buys for potential capital gain, and one a blue chip dividend stock. Due to the bonus coming in, I have yet more cash that I have not decided what to do with. I would like to buy more dividend paying blue chips, especially those super expensive banking stocks, but the market is up, so I will probably wait a while for the price the die down.

Property prices appear to be on a downward trend, thanks to all the cooling measures put in place recently. It is now so expensive to buy a second property. My condo valuation seems to be holding steady, so that is a comfort.

It will probably be back to business as usual after March, unless any of my stock positions move. I wanted to try and achieve a $100K in networth increase this year, but it is only March, and I am at $78K increase already compared to Dec 2012. I think I should be able to attain a $120K to 130K increment this year if the stocks don’t plunge (God forbid!).

So that’s one more step in the direction of FIRE by 45. Surely, there can be no other woman who looks forward to her 45th year as much as I do!


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