I Want…

Despite being a self-confessed technology dinosaur (still not having a smart phone, still not on Twitter!), I seem to have accumulated quite a number of toys.

In 2011, I got the PSP and tablet. 2012 was the year of the Nintendo 3DS. Now in 2013, I’ve got the “itch” again.

I am thinking seriously about an Alienware Gaming Laptop.

My perchant for computer games is nothing new. It fell off the wayside when I took an interest in improving my personal finance, but man, it is back with a vengeance.

My 2003 NEC laptop has recently been refurbished and is running pretty well, but definitely not up to specs for the most recent computer games. I won’t even consider the Asus netbook for PC gaming.

I used to lust after Alienware PCs back in those days when I used to play quite often, but they were freaking expensive then. The prices have dropped quite a bit since then, but are still comparatively expensive.

Almost $2,000 for a laptop.

Someone talk me off the ledge, please.

Actually, the price is not what’s stopping me from going straight out to get it. Actually, come to think of it, I do have a track record for spending large sums of money without much remorse. J It is the fact that I already have two working computers and adding a third one to the mix is just so…wasteful and extravagant.

And if I didn’t just go and spend $100 to refurbish the NEC, I could probably hasten it to a faster demise, and get the laptop without hurting my conscience, but since I did…

Still struggling.

Just don’t be surprised if the next post is titled “Guess what I bought?!!!”


One comment on “I Want…

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