“The Talk” with Dad

I’m happy!

I actually had the start of “The Talk” with my father today, and for some reason, he was pretty receptive to my plans today. After an initial protest, he started to listen to me more seriously, and seemed to realise that I have a plan. And he appears to be coming around to my way of thinking.

Oh boy, I’m so glad.

It started by him asking about my work, and I decided to come clean about my feelings and how I am seriously considering a job change. And that led to a discussion of my finances. And I finally got to tell him what I planned, and where I am at the moment. And the best thing is that he shared his thoughts on their retirement needs, and that was a great help to me.

Cue sweet music and flowers.

He told me that he figured that once they retire for good, we need about $2,000 to maintain our household of four, not including their personal spending money. If I were to stay home with them instead of living by myself, my everything-in lavish lifestyle living costs would be around $950 per month, so all our costs should be coverable entirely by me (Rental + Some Dividends). But that won’t be the case, since my sister will be contributing her share too, so it’s not going to be a too spartan existence. I would probably still be doing some kind of paid work too for a while.

As for their own personal spending monies, I gathered they would either be spending down from their savings, or there is some intention for some light work after official retirement.

I believe that my parents know I am not hurting for money, but I think they didn’t really expect that I would be so well situated at this point. Heck, it took me a while to get used to the fact myself. I think my father was kind of relieved to find that my early retirement mumble was not just hot air.

We only skimmed the surface of things, but now that both parents appear to be receptive to the idea of my early retirement, I can feed them more details as and when. From here out, it is only maths. I can do maths. That is such a load of my mind.

With this breakthrough, I am not so sure if I will move out of the family home eventually. Now that my parents appear to have accepted the idea that I might end up retired early alongside them, I could hurt their feelings if I insist on moving out by myself, and I want to try and avoid that. As it is, living at home doesn’t seem like such a penance now, but I’ll wait and see. Still have plenty of time to make decisions.

In other news, I am updating my resume, but am a bit wishy washy about sending it out. I have a few public service agencies in mind whose work interests me, but I am really hesitant about making changes. That’s an ISTJ for you – I hate changes, even if they end up being better for me.

So, yeah, things are looking up. I haven’t got all the answers yet, and it’s still going to be a few years of waiting, but suddenly the dim glimmer at the end of the tunnel seem a lot brighter.


2 comments on ““The Talk” with Dad

  1. weide says:

    Way to go, you are 1 step closer to your dream!

  2. My 15HWW says:

    Hi Miss JJ,

    Glad that things are panning out better than you thought!

    Guess your parents were just worried about your financial situation and thought you were going to lead a super spartan lifestyle if you retired early.

    Hope you find something that you really want to do soon.

    Merry x’mas and a happy new year!

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