Just A Note

Just a note to say – I’m alive and kicking. Well, trying to kick at least. I have a bad habit of going offline and uncontactable when I’m in a bad place in life, and that goes for real life too. My real life friends have heard just as little (ok, nothing) from me as have all of you on the internet.

Thanks to all of you who wrote me emails expressing your concern at my going MIA and those who left messages asking after me. I was really surprised and touched to receive them. I apologise for not responding directly to them, but I was not exactly in the right position to do so then.

I have done a lot, a lot, a lot of relaxing and thinking in the last few months. I actually took most of 2014 from work, almost 8 months worth of sabbatical. During the entire period of rest, I have…done nothing. Except a lot of thinking and quite a bit of crying , and played a lot of video games (haha), and on the surface of it, I seem to have gone nowhere. No great revelations. No eureka moment.

Seems rather wasteful huh. But it was a good rest and I needed that. I get back to work coming Monday, and I can say, for the first time in a long, long while, that I’m actually looking forward to work again.

Financially speaking, I did not exactly suffer. While I didn’t have income for almost a year, my living costs were very, very low. The condo was self sufficient during this period (not sure whether this will continue to be the case). So the only consequence I suffered was opportunity cost of having a big annual income, which may put my retirement plan back by a year or two. $120K for a year of rest – whether it was worth it or not, it is done anyway.

So, thanks again to all of you. Have a happy Chinese New Year in two weeks time.


One comment on “Just A Note

  1. Kyith says:

    its good to know you are alive and kicking. that is much income to forgo but sometimes we need to recharge a bit. its like staying back in school for 1 year. sometimes it is necessary

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