About Me

I hate to do this. Tell people about me, that is. It smacks of all the boring, tedious meeting sessions at work with new clients, new vendors etc.

But I realise that I need to satisfy the voyeuristic streak of those who wander to this page, so I will just give the highlights now.

  • Single (and likes it….really.)
  • Female (and likes it…..really?)
  • Early thirties (and likes it…..somewhat.)
  • Live on an expensive tropical island in South East Asia (and likes it…..when it is cloudy.)
  • Lives at home with parents (and likes it…..intermittently.)
  • Have a younger sister (and likes it….but not during PMS; and I mean hers.)
  • Works in engineering (and likes it…..not so much.)
  • Can be contacted at missjj.roadtofi@gmail.com (and likes it extremely….just don’t spam me please)

That’s all I can think of right now. Will be back to update as and when I feel like it. But my advice? Just read the damn blog already.

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